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Automotive, Residential, and Commercial

Installing Tint Foil — Commercial Window Tinting in Leesburg, FL
Wiping Tires — Commercial Window Tinting in Leesburg, FL
Tint Foil Measuring — Commercial Window Tinting in Leesburg, FL
Most people love sunny days – until they have to get into their cars. No matter if your car is black, red, or blue, the summer sun can turn your vehicle into an oven and damage your interior. Stay cool with Davis Solar Protection Tint & Detail, serving Leesburg, FL with over 10 years of experience offering automotive, residential and commercial window tinting. Licensed and insured, we offer affordable, expertly-installed window tinting film complete with warranty.

We Offer:

  • Clearshield Paint Protection
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Window Tinting Film Installation
  • Automotive Detailing

Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Block Harmful UV Rays
  • Enhance Safety by Reducing Glare
  • Hold Glass Intact in Case of an Accident
  • Keep Interiors Significantly Cooler
  • Promote Security
  • Prevent Skin Cancer
  • Protect Vehicle Paint from Chips, Road Debris, and Bugs

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Window tinting isn't just about looks. Although tinted vehicle windows create a sleek, sharp style, window tinting isn't just for the fast and the furious! From business and homeowners to teenagers and retirees, we have complete window tinting and paint protection services to protect your investment for years to come. We offer free estimates. Call us at (352) 323-1870, today to learn more!